Online tool to help Hoosier communities prepare for climate change

The Hoosier Resilience Index helps local governments and residents understand local climate change vulnerabilities and how to respond to them.

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This week: A pair of environmental advocacy groups sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to tighten national emissions standards for toxic pollution from steel mills, and an EPA proposal seeks to make it easier for farmers to spray pesticides but could endanger farmworkers.

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Every day, people across the world will make decisions or innovations that affect the way Hoosiers live. We’ll track the changes so you’re ready for them.

West Lake Corridor project receives award for environmental preparedness

The West Lake Corridor project, which will add to the South Shore Line, has been recognized for Excellence in Environmental Documentation Preparation

Former Republican Congressman to speak at environmental event in Indianapolis

Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis will deliver the keynote speech at the annual “Greening the Statehouse” event in Indianapolis this Saturday.

Boxed water cartons are less recyclable than plastic bottles

Boxed water brands such as Just Water, Flow, and Boxed Water Is Best often market themselves as more sustainable options for on-the-go hydration, but the nature of their packaging prevents them from being recyclable.

Trump administration suggests adding Wi-Fi, food trucks, Amazon deliveries to National Parks

A Trump administration committee is seeking to “modernize” national park campgrounds by potentially introducing food trucks, WI-FI, and Amazon deliveries.

NASA satellite shows 77,768 acres of damage from California’s Kincade Fire

NASA satellite images from Nov. 3 show that California’s Kincade Fire has damaged 77,768 acres of land and destroyed 374 structures.

Insects with certain genes may be able to better survive climate change

Researchers have discovered genes that allow some insects to adjust their biological clocks to survive shorter or longer winters, improving their chances of adapting to climate change.

White River State Park introduces recycling initiative

White River State Park has introduced a recycling initiative that’s expected to keep approximately 30 tons of waste out of Indiana landfills annually.

More than 11,000 scientists declare climate emergency

More than 11,000 scientists from 153 countries have released a report declaring a climate emergency.

Illinois company accused of illegally dumping construction debris near Gary, Indiana

Illinois-based demolition contractor IESCO has been accused of illegally dumping construction debris near Gary, Indiana, according to Inside Indiana Business.

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