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New study finds undisclosed inert ingredients in popular herbicide killing bumble bees

British researchers found that undisclosed inert ingredients in certain Roundup weedkiller products are highly toxic to bumblebees.

Inland stream trout season in Indiana opens April 24

Indiana Department of Natural Resources staff have stocked more than 23,000 rainbow trout.

Bill establishing state coal ash permitting program heads to the governor

Bill would allow state to apply for a state coal ash permitting program under federal law.

Federal judge says BP violated federal limits at its Whiting refinery on Lake Michigan

A federal judge ruled that BP's Whiting Refinery in northwest Indiana was legally obligated to remedy the problem and retest emissions but failed to do so.

Indiana investigating second bald eagle death

DNR conservation officers are investigating the shooting deaths of two juvenile bald eagles near Shelburn.

Beat the Heat program now accepting applications

Two communities could receive up to $121,940 to fund a full-time staff person for two years and costs associated with the Beat the Heat program.

Senate Confirms New EPA Administrator

The U.S. Senate confirmed Michael Regan as the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, making him the first Black man to lead the agency.

Researchers find parasite hijacks honey bee’s iron supply

Researchers have found that a parasite that causes the most widespread disease in honey bees affects the bee by “hijacking” its iron nutrients.

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In the Water follows the complex discussions around Indiana’s most traditional energy source. It speaks to everyone from the miners who dig coal from the ground, to environmental activists fighting for coal ash disposal legislation and clean water, to residents whose health has been affected by coal ash pollution.

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