EPA Allows Year-Round E-15 Ethanol Fuel Sales

Trump administration lifts smog-reduction ban to help corn growers

On Air with IER: Episode 27

This week: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lifted a ban on the sale of higher ethanol blends of gasoline during the summer months, a move that will benefit corn growers in Indiana but could adversely affect the environment.

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Wind energy industry increasingly moving offshore

The UK turned on the first part of what will be the world’s largest and furthest offshore wind farm this week, forging its way further into the forefront of the offshore wind industry.

Tourism Places Stress on Natural Wonders

Environmentally conscious travelers are at a crossroads, balancing their desire to see wonders like the Great Barrier Reef or Iceland’s glaciers with the environmental impact of traveling to these destinations.

For companies around the world, the financial impacts of climate change are on the horizon

According to a new analysis of corporate disclosures, companies around the world foresee climate change as a negative effect on their bottom lines.

Warming global temperatures threaten tree species diversity

Thanks to climate change, tree diversity may be decreasing.

Organization to Hold Solar Power Installation Workshop

Solarize Indiana seeks to teach citizens how to accelerate the spread of solar energy projects

Farmers pressured by trade tariffs, soaking rains

Farmers across the U.S. are faced with tough decisions this planting season, as President Donald Trump’s trade war with China continues and heavy rains make it difficult to plant crops.

Climate change, deforestation, hunting among causes of large animal die-off

New research suggests large birds and land mammals will face extinction over the next century due to climate change, deforestation, hunting and increased urbanization.

Unchecked greenhouse gas emissions threaten 60% of Colombian land suitable for rice

A new study published in Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change found that, left unchecked, greenhouse gas emissions will reduce Colombian land suitable for rice production by 60% by the 2050s.

Recording-setting run of tornadoes in the US may be ending

A record-setting spell of severe storms has rocked the U.S. over the last two weeks.

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