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Exposure to flaring linked to 50% increase in chance of preterm birth

Exposure to flaring at oil and gas production sites could cause an increase in premature birth.

Changes to NEPA could negatively affect minorities

Recent changes to one of the nation’s central environmental laws is predicted to negatively affect minorities.

“Blinking” nanoparticles turn carbon dioxide into fuel

A team of scientists and engineers has created ultra-small titanium dioxide crystals that could convert carbon dioxide into fuels.

Navy SEAL veteran starts biodegradable signage company

A Navy SEAL veteran has established a company that hopes to make the political campaign industry environmentally friendly.

Comment period for NIPSCO Bailly plant in Chesterton underway

The EPA has opened the 45-day public comment period for the proposed cleanup plan of an inactive power plant in Chesterton.

Climate scientist claims Facebook is restricting fact-checks on climate misinformation

A climate scientist claims Facebook is restricting her ability to share research and fact-check posts with climate change misinformation.

Researchers find flood risk in U.S. much greater than government estimate

Researchers found that millions more Americans are threatened by flooding than suggested by government estimates.

NIPSCO announces delay in Michigan City coal ash pond retirements

NIPSCO announced it delayed work to close five coal ash ponds at its Michigan City Generating Station until spring 2021.

Bayer agrees to pay $10 billion to settle Roundup cancer lawsuits

The maker of Roundup agreed to a $10 billion payment to settle tens of thousands of lawsuits filed against it.

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