Bird's-Eye View

Every day, people across the world will make decisions or innovations that affect the way Hoosiers live. We’ll track the changes so you’re ready for them.

Researchers find parasite hijacks honey bee’s iron supply

Researchers have found that a parasite that causes the most widespread disease in honey bees affects the bee by “hijacking” its iron nutrients.

IDEM offers teachers free, interactive virtual Earth Day presentations

IDEM is offering free virtual classroom presentations to students across the state of Indiana.

ERCOT: Frozen instruments at natural gas, coal and nuclear facilities most significant factors in Texas blackouts

Despite claims, the organization that manages a vast majority of Texas' power grid said that wind power has been the least significant factor in blackouts.

EPA begins review of USS Lead Superfund site cleanup

The EPA has begun a review of the first five years of cleanup efforts at East Chicago's USS Lead Superfund site.

EPA abandons Clean Power Plan, saying reinstatement “would not make sense”

A memo reveals the Biden administration is moving on from the Obama-era Clean Power Plan

Coca-Cola bottles to sell sodas bottles made with 100% recycled plastic material

Coca-Cola Co. said it will begin selling its soda in bottles made with completely recycled plastic material to reduce its carbon footprint.

EPA seeks public comments for Former GM Delco Plant Cleanup in Kokomo

The EPA wants to know what you think about a plan to clean up the former GM Delco Plant 5 in Kokomo.

Environmental study suggests turning off camera during virtual meetings

Leaving your camera off during virtual meetings could reduce your carbon, water and land footprints, according to a new study.

In The Water

In the Water follows the complex discussions around Indiana’s most traditional energy source. It speaks to everyone from the miners who dig coal from the ground, to environmental activists fighting for coal ash disposal legislation and clean water, to residents whose health has been affected by coal ash pollution.

With sound science as our base, we present environmental issues in a nonpolitical way. We seek to make science and environmental information available to and useful to all Hoosiers.