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Every day, people across the world will make decisions or innovations that affect the way Hoosiers live. We’ll track the changes so you’re ready for them.

Indiana Humanities Offers New Statewide Program “Unearthed”

A new statewide initiative is encouraging Hoosiers to discover and discuss their relationships with the natural world.

EPA seeking East Chicago residents for USS Lead Superfund site interviews

The EPA is looking to interview people who live or work near the USS Lead Superfund site in East Chicago as part of a 5-year cleanup review.

Indiana 4-H to offer hybrid youth environmental workshops this summer

Workshops include science, technology, engineering and math subject matter.

EPA proposing change in groundwater treatment at Indianapolis’ Reilly Tar & Chemical Superfund site

A decades-old plan to clean up a Superfund site in the near west side of Indianapolis could be significantly altered in the coming months.

The Cicadas are coming, and they can be eaten

Cicadas will soon emerge in Indiana, and according to experts, eating these insects is good for your health and the environment.

EPA wants three Bloomington sites removed from Superfund list

The EPA is proposing deleting three Bloomington Superfund sites from a list of the nation’s most polluted sites.

EPA removes part of Gary Landfill from Superfund list

The Lake Sandy Jo Superfund site in Gary has been removed from the National Priorities List.

EPA releases drinking water treatment options for 11 PFAS compounds

Drinking water treatment officials now have new ways to treat nearly a dozen PFAS compounds.

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In the Water follows the complex discussions around Indiana’s most traditional energy source. It speaks to everyone from the miners who dig coal from the ground, to environmental activists fighting for coal ash disposal legislation and clean water, to residents whose health has been affected by coal ash pollution.

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