EPA Announces $436 Million Loan for Indiana Water Projects

Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act loan to finance wastewater and drinking water projects in 20 Indiana communities

On Air with IER: Episode 41

This week: Two midwestern environmental advocacy groups take the first step in suing the company that owns a steel mill in northwestern Indiana responsible for Clean Water Act violations, and the state of Indiana received a nearly half a billion dollar loan to improve water infrastructure projects in the state.

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Indiana company recognized as environmental leader by EPA

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Indianapolis-based Delta Faucet Co. as a 2019 Sustainable Excellence Award Winner for water conservation.

EPA to host open house about USS Lead Superfund site in East Chicago, Ind.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has announced two open house discussion sessions about the work completed in 2019 on the USS Lead Superfund site in East Chicago, Indiana.

DNR announces changes to Lake Michigan fish stocking

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has announced upcoming changes to fish stocking in Lake Michigan.

Race a determining factor in access to clean water

A recent report of EPA data has confirmed the suspicion that water contamination disproportionately affects majority-black communities.

Purdue University researchers find link between herbicides and breast cancer

Indiana researchers have discovered a link between herbicide ingredient glyphosate and breast cancer.

Mosquito-killing pesticide may also harm bee population

A chemical sprayed last week in three Indiana counties to stop the spread of a virus deadly to humans may have killed a number of bee hives in the process.

Study shows that fetuses are affected by air pollution

A new study has shown that air pollution particles can penetrate the placenta and expose unborn babies to toxic chemicals.

IDEM awarding grant money for community recycling

Community Recycling Grants will be awarded to projects that promote sustainability, education and waste reduction.

EPA announces grants to replace old diesel buses

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced approximately $10 million in grant money to help public schools replace older school buses, which can emit more air pollution.

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