On Air with IER: Episode 119

This week: The EPA proposes raising biofuel quotas in fossil fuels and electric vehicles, and businesses and local governments warn of the hidden costs of cleaning up PFAS contamination.
December 5, 2022


Welcome to Episode 119 of the IER Podcast!


EPA Proposes Raising Biofuel Quotas in Fossil Fuels, Electric Vehicles

The Biden administration is proposing raising the quotas for biofuels mixed into traditional transportation fuels for the next three years, including new regulations on the fuel used to produce electricity to power electric vehicles.

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News In Brief

A roundup of recent climate and environmental related headlines from around the world.

Bats use death metal growls to make social calls
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NASA cancels planned greenhouse gas-monitoring satellite
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Rising costs at nation’s only small modular reactor plant could push power price to $100/MWh

In a case that could cast a cloud on the Hoosier state’s nuclear power ambitions, higher steel prices and interest rates could drive up the price of electricity at the nation’s first small modular nuclear reactor plant to nearly twice previous estimates.

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Businesses, Local Governments Warn of Hidden Costs of Cleaning Up PFAS Contamination

After years of failed attempts to rein in PFAS contamination through federal legislation, the Biden administration has proposed designating two “forever chemicals,” PFOA and PFOS, as hazardous substances under the nation’s Superfund law.

The designation would help track the use of the chemicals and their spread and would also force the companies that use them to be responsible for their cleanup.

But those companies argue that the Biden approach is the wrong legal tool to use for the cleanup and that the designation would be too costly and lead to unforeseen consequences.

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