On Air with IER: Episode 65

This week: A federal court ordered the EPA to ban the sale of three dicamba herbicides after understating the products risks and understating their damage, plus Congress hears how environmental injustice is helping COVID-19 hit some communities much harder than others.
June 15, 2020


Welcome to Episode 65 of the IER Podcast hosted by Enrique Saenz.


Federal Court Orders Registration Cancellation of Three Herbicides

By Enrique Saenz

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cancelled the registration of three dicamba herbicide products after a federal appeals court ruled that the agency “substantially” understated the products’ risks and under-reported damages.

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A roundup of recent climate and environmental related headlines from around the world.

  1. US ranks 24th in environmental performance index
    Link for the first story.

  2. EPA awards Indiana Finance Authority $300,000 to clean up contaminated properties
    Link for the second story.

  3. British researchers map underground Roman city without digging
    Link for the second story.


Congress holds hearing on environmental injustice and COVID-19

By Enrique Saenz

The House Subcommittee on Environment and climate change heard testimony from witnesses about how environmental injustice is helping COVID-19 hit minority and low-income communities especially hard.

Check out the full hearing here.