DNR launches new harvest website for deer hunters

December 5, 2019

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has launched a new website that allows deer hunters to access and report data on white-tailed deer harvesting throughout the state.

The site’s data is self-reported by Indiana deer hunters, who provide information like the county, the type of land the deer was harvested on, the type of equipment used and the sex of the deer.

Once reported, the data is available on an interactive website for users to browse. Visitors to the site can filter results by equipment, deer seasons and other data.

The site also allows users to compare county harvest numbers across a five-year time period. Users can compare an individual county to itself or compare data between two or more counties.

According to a DNR press release, the website was created in response to requests for more detailed harvest information from Indiana hunters.

The website, updated daily, is available here.

DNR launches new harvest website for deer hunters