EPA Unveils New Air Pollution Tracking Tool

June 2, 2023

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has unveiled a new tool that will help Hoosiers keep track of air pollution, and its sources, across the state.

The ECHO Clean Air Tracking Tool maps information collected from permitted polluters and air monitoring stations. It allows users to find data on emissions and whether the facilities that are creating those emissions are following state and federal laws. The tool also contains information on environmental justice and modeled toxic risk data.

ECATT has two main searches: an air monitoring station search that provides data on hazardous air pollutants and criteria air pollutants, and an emissions screener search, which provides data on the emissions sources, including which pollutants they emit and how much they are emitting.

The agency has released tutorials on how to use ECATT and will hold a virtual training session June 6 at 2pm.

EPA Unveils New Air Pollution Tracking Tool