IU developing lab to help first responders through technology, data science

November 22, 2019

Indiana University is developing a lab to help first responders like firefighters and police officers prepare for floods, wildfires and other disasters.

The Crisis Technologies Innovation Lab will help emergency response agencies develop solutions for ongoing disasters and prepare for future ones by developing an artificial intelligence program that will analyze data in real-time and draw conclusions that will help first responders make decisions quickly and reliably.

The program will pull together and organize multiple data streams that come into emergency response centers during a weather incident, including data on current weather conditions, live video streams, and two-way radio traffic.

“We might be entering a new phase where crises are a new normal, particularly on the coasts,” David Wild, co-director of the CTIL, told Inside Indiana Business. “Our life is a sandbox between an explosion of technology and the world of crisis and disaster and emergency response.”

The solutions and suggestions determined by the program will be available to first responders on mobile devices like tablets, as well as on large TVs or video walls in emergency response centers.

The CTIL was awarded a federal grant of more than $650,000 to achieve these goals. Currently, the lab is analyzing historical disaster data in order to help build the program.

The full article from Inside Indiana Business is available here.

IU developing lab to help first responders through technology, data science