Navy SEAL veteran starts biodegradable signage company

July 8, 2020

A Navy SEAL veteran has established a company that hopes to make the political campaign industry environmentally friendly.

Morgan Luttrell, 14-year military veteran and twin brother of “Lone Survivor” author and fellow Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, started Stronos Industries, a company that provides “certified, fully recyclable, biodegradable” temporary outdoor signs.

Luttrell worked for the Department of Energy after he medically retired from the Navy. There, he met someone who had patented a mineral coating for paperboard. From there, he eventually established his company.

“I am committed to the sustainability of our planet and country,” Luttrell said. “I felt political leaders needed a company that offered American-made, environmentally friendly signage options outside of plastics, and Stronos Industries was born.”

Corrugated plastic signs are usually made from polypropylene, a plastic that can last for more than a decade in landfills.

Luttrell said the signs his company produces are designed to last about 90 days.

Navy SEAL veteran starts biodegradable signage company