USDA announces plan to control wild hogs across the U.S.

July 16, 2019

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced last month that it’s offering $75 million in funding for the eradication and control of feral swine in states like Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi, where hogs are causing significant damage.

According to the USDA, wild hogs spotted in 48 states. The animals are known for eating anything they can find and vigorously rooting up soil in their pursuit of food, causing $2 billion in damage every year.

The USDA is funding pilot programs to deal with the animals: feral swine removal by Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services, restoration efforts supported by Natural Resources Conservation Service and assistance to producers for feral swine control.

Wild hogs are the second most popular game animal after white-tailed deer. Although hunting is promoted to curb the animal’s expansion, hunters have transported hogs to new areas, where they have reproduced too quickly for hunters to contain them.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources lists wild hogs as an invasive species. Sightings of wild hogs should be reported to the DNR.

USDA announces plan to control wild hogs across the U.S.