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Report Shows Continued Climate Science Disinformation in Facebook Ads

According to a new investigation, climate science disinformation continues to exist in Facebook ads.

New research suggests that a change in diet could help protect the environment

A shift in American diets could reduce the environmental impacts of food production and consumption by up to 38%.

Free career training and high school equivalency test available for Marion County residents

An Indianapolis organization is offering free career training and high school equivalency testing for Marion County residents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organization to expand Meltzer Woods Nature Preserve, plant 20,000 more trees

A preservation organization will plant more than 20,000 trees at the newly-expanded Meltzer Woods Nature Preserve in Shelbyville.

IDEM to hold virtual seminars on public watershed protection and restoration

IDEM will host a free virtual webinar series to teach about watershed protection and restoration efforts within the Lake Michigan basin.

State Board of Animal Health Offering Free RFID Cattle Tags

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health is offering a limited number of free radio frequency identification tags for cattle farmers.

Some researchers want new drought definition

New research is urging scientists to redefine the term “drought,” specifically when it comes to crop-relevant drought in the Corn Belt.

Madison County group seeks volunteers for Pendleton tree planting

A Madison County organization is seeking volunteers to plant hundreds of trees to replace others destroyed by a tornado in 2019.

General Electric announces No Coal Goal

General Electric announced plans to stop making coal-fired power plants and focus on more renewable sources of power.

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In the Water follows the complex discussions around Indiana’s most traditional energy source. It speaks to everyone from the miners who dig coal from the ground, to environmental activists fighting for coal ash disposal legislation and clean water, to residents whose health has been affected by coal ash pollution.

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