On Air with IER: Episode 53

This week: A U.S. company decides to stop selling an Indiana-made pesticide linked to "brain abnormalities" in children; we look at who won the first stage of a legal battle to prevent the construction of a coal-to-diesel plant in Spencer County; and students learn about using aquatic life to grow food.

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Every day, people across the world will make decisions or innovations that affect the way Hoosiers live. We’ll track the changes so you’re ready for them.

Utah lawmakers create long-term climate change plan to protect ski slopes, economy

Republican lawmakers from Utah are backing a long-term plan that addresses climate change in order to save the state’s ski slopes and growing economy.

Plastic waste thought to be recycled clogging U.S. landfills

A new survey of recycling facilities across the U.S. has found that many plastic items put into recycling bins are not being recycled.

Almost half of U.S. states working on PFAS legislation

Lawmakers from 23 states, including Indiana, have written guidance, regulations or legislation that would address PFAS chemicals.

Virginia legislature passes major renewable energy policy bill

The Virginia House and Senate approved legislation that sets out a plan to get the state to 100% renewable energy generation .

Lilly grant funds study on alternative I-65/70 interchange concepts

The Indy Chamber Foundation has received funds to study alternative designs for the downtown inner loop of the Interstate 65/70 interchange.

EPA makes available $55 million for Indiana infrastructure projects

The EPA announced the availability of $55.5 million in loans and grants to fund future state water infrastructure projects in Indiana.

Trump administration proposing major cut to EPA

In a new budget proposal, the Trump administration announced its intent to cut the budget of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency budget by more than a fourth.

Pope schedules visit to Italian region polluted by toxic waste

Pope Francis has scheduled a visit to a southern Italian region polluted by decades of toxic-waste dumping by a local criminal organization.

Melting Arctic ice is changing ocean currents

NASA scientists have found that rapid sea ice melt from the Arctic is affecting the flow of a major ocean current.

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