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Every day, people across the world will make decisions or innovations that affect the way Hoosiers live. We’ll track the changes so you’re ready for them.

Tribal and environmental groups sue Trump administration over methane emission rollbacks

Tribal and environmental groups have filed lawsuits challenging a Trump administration rule that weakened methane emission regulations.

Multinational oil and gas company says global oil demand may have passed peak

BP, the company formerly known as British Petroleum, said demand for oil may have reached its peak and faces a decades-long decline.

Defense officials say pandemic delayed research for PFAS alternative

The DoD said the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a delay in finding a replacement for PFAS firefighting foam.

Study: Animal populations have decreased 68% since 1970

Animal populations across the globe have decreased an average of 68% since 1970, a new study finds.

Illegal devices that defeat pollution controls in diesel vehicles spreading across U.S.

Devices designed to illegally defeat federal emissions controls on diesel vehicles are spreading across the U.S., according to a new investigation.

Pope Francis calls for environmental "rest"

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church said that the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated how the earth can recover if allowed to rest.

Environmental groups seek more conservation after the establishment of two new Indiana state forests

Gov. Eric Holcomb recently established two new state forests in Morgan and Brown Counties from land that was already part of state forests.

Mexico plans to phase out glyphosate use by 2024

The president of Mexico announced Mexico will phase out the use of glyphosate in the country by the end of his administration in late 2024.

Governor signs Clean Energy Week Proclamation

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a proclamation recognizing the week of Sep. 21 through 25 as Clean Energy Week in the state.

In The Water

In the Water follows the complex discussions around Indiana’s most traditional energy source. It speaks to everyone from the miners who dig coal from the ground, to environmental activists fighting for coal ash disposal legislation and clean water, to residents whose health has been affected by coal ash pollution.

With sound science as our base, we present environmental issues in a nonpolitical way. We seek to make science and environmental information available to and useful to all Hoosiers.