Researchers: Midwest’s Agri-food System Must Transform to Survive

Midwestern researchers said ag system designed for Dust Bowl must move beyond corn and soybeans to remain sustainable and profitable.

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This week: Monroe County officials and two environmental groups sue to stop the U.S. Forest Service from implementing a plan they say could pollute Lake Monroe, and changes to a chemical reporting law could allow more companies to be exempt from reporting what chemicals they make near you.

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Purdue Climate Change Research Center to hold climate change training for educators

Purdue University’s Climate Change Research Center will hold a free virtual training series to teach educators about climate change.

EPA to add 172 PFAS chemicals to Toxics Release Inventory

The EPA added more than a hundred PFAS substances to the nation’s official list of toxic chemicals.

Central Michigan residents under threat as floods approach chemical complex and toxic Superfund site

Central Michigan residents face possible contamination as floodwaters from dam failures approach a chemical complex and a toxic Superfund site.

Lawmakers introduce bill to block Trump rule limiting scope of federal water protections

The bill would block the implementation of a Trump administration rule limiting the scope of bodies of water that fall under federal jurisdiction.

EPA introduces first U.S. airplane carbon regulations

The U.S. EPA has sent the nation’s first rule on airplane greenhouse gas emissions to the White House for approval.

Central Indiana Land Trust to plant first of 1 million trees

The Central Indiana Land Trust will plant the first of its promised 1 million trees in Johnson and Parke Counties.

Global insect population decreasing on land, increasing in freshwater

Researchers have found the number of land-dwelling insects is on the decline while the number of insects living in freshwater has increased.

Gas appliances found to increase air pollution, negatively affect human health

A new study has found that gas appliances found in homes cause unhealthy air and negative health effects in humans.

European scientists discover highest level of microplastics ever found on seafloor

An international group of researchers found the highest levels of microplastics ever recorded on the seafloor.

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