On Air with IER: Episode 116

This week: New research finds kids could be breathing in toxic PFAS chemicals found in stain-proof school uniforms, and the Department of Energy finds 80% of active and retired coal-fired power plant sites could house advanced nuclear energy projects.
October 3, 2022


Welcome to Episode 116 of the IER Podcast!


Children Being Exposed to PFAS Chemicals Through Stain-resistant and Waterproof School Uniforms

By Enrique Saenz

Children are being exposed to potentially toxic PFAS chemicals through the use of stain-proof and waterproof school uniforms and outdoor wear, according to a new international study.

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Report: 80% of Existing Coal Plants Could House Nuclear Power at 35% the Cost of New Installations

By Enrique Saenz

Most existing and newly retired coal-fired power plants could be repurposed to house future advanced nuclear energy projects cheaply and provide an economic boost to disadvantaged communities, according to a new Department of Energy report.

But environmental and consumer advocates said utilities should decarbonize using less risky and more cost-effective renewable energy alternatives.

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