On Air with IER: Episode 22

This week: A new survey finds that a vast majority of Hoosiers say they believe in climate change, and Indiana officials hope to protect the state's native plants by banning some invasive plants.
May 6, 2019


Welcome to Episode 22 of the IER Podcast hosted by Alexa Chryssovergis. Guest host: Enrique Saenz


Large Majority of Hoosiers State Belief in Climate Change in New Poll

By Beth Edwards

A new poll indicates that a large majority of Hoosiers believe climate change is happening to some extent and are supportive of measures to address its impact on the state.

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A roundup of recent climate and environmental related headlines from around the world.

  1. Cold stress threatens honey bees used for pollination across the U.S., study finds
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  2. Emperor penguins in Antarctica struggling
    Link for the second story.

  3. More wildfires in 2019 in the UK than any other year on record
    Link for the third story.


State Hopes to Keep Invasive Plants in Check with Rule Additions

By Enrique Saenz

The state of Indiana has implemented a rule that designates 44 species of plants as invasive pests.

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