On Air with IER: Episode 24

This week: The U.S. Navy wants residents living near NSA Crane to test their water wells for potentially hazardous PFAS compounds, and we take a look at why an Indianapolis apartment complex isn't allowed to use the solar power it produces.
May 20, 2019


Welcome to Episode 24 of the IER Podcast hosted by Alexa Chryssovergis.


Navy to Test Drinking Water Wells Near NSA Crane for PFAS Contamination

By Enrique Saenz

After low levels of chemicals known as PFAS were discovered in drinking water samples, U.S. Navy and state officials want residents living near Naval Support Activity Crane in southern Indiana to sign up for private drinking water well testing.

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A roundup of recent climate and environmental related headlines from around the world.

  1. Impeded river flow damages ecosystems, reduces resources
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  2. Educating kids on climate change may influence parents’ climate concerns
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  3. Hunting overlooked in climate mitigation efforts, impacts carbon storage
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Natural Disasters are on the Rise, but is Indiana Prepared to Help Hoosiers Recover?

By Enrique Saenz

For decades, an Indianapolis group has fought to give near east side residents safe and affordable housing. But it recently hit a snag after installing hundreds of solar panels on an apartment building for senior citizens.

An Indiana law says they're not allowed to use the power they produce.

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