On Air with IER: Episode 33

This Week: Air quality gains have slowed after two decades of improvement, and an app is helping beekeepers and growers check in on their bees without disturbing them.
August 5, 2019


Welcome to Episode 33 of the IER Podcast hosted by Sophie Bird.


Federal Report Indicates End of Decades-Long Air Quality Improvement

By Enrique Saenz

Air pollution in some Indiana counties has worsened, and a decades-long improvement in national air quality has slowed since the final years of the Obama administration, according to a new federal report.

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A roundup of recent climate and environmental related headlines from around the world.

  1. Climate Change Shrinking Body Sizes of Animals
    Link for the first story.

  2. Joshua Tree Faces Extinction
    Link for the second story.

  3. Food Insecurity Worsened by Climate Extremes
    Link for the third story.


Indianapolis-based Company Creates Bee-monitoring App

By Enrique Saenz

Indianapolis-based agriculture technology company The Bee Corp has created a bee-monitoring application that helps beekeepers collect vital data on their hives, helping to ensure bee safety and food security across the country.

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