China’s greenhouse gas emissions up 50% since 2005

July 23, 2019

China’s environment ministry said its emissions reached 12.3 billion tons in 2014, up 53.5% since 2005. These numbers come from the latest carbon “inventory” submitted to the United Nations as part of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

China is the world’s biggest greenhouse gas producer and it has pledged to show “the highest possible ambition” when it reviews its emissions targets next year.

The 2014 emissions figure is based on carbon dioxide and methane emissions but does not consider changes in land use or increases in forest coverage. The environment ministry said that if the impact of “carbon sinks” were considered, total emissions would have increased by only 17% from 2010.

Record production levels in high-emission sectors such as China’s steel and coal industries could mean emissions will continue to rise to new records.

China’s greenhouse gas emissions up 50% since 2005