Coldplay won’t tour in order to reduce carbon emissions

November 26, 2019

Musical group Coldplay has declined to tour for their new album until they can figure out how to reduce their carbon emissions and stage more environmentally friendly concerts, according to The Washington Post.

The group expects to spend at least the next year planning the tour for the album, called ‘Everyday Life’, in order to ensure carbon-neutral performances.

In order to do so, the group must take into account the environmental cost of air and land travel, light and sound equipment, concert venues and merchandise.

The Washington Post reports that U.K.-based musicians released approximately 85,000 tons of greenhouse gas in 2009 – numbers that are assumed to have increased in the last decade.

Since 2000, Coldplay has toured a total of seven times. Their most recent tour included 114 shows on five continents and required 109 crew members, 32 truck drivers and nine bus drivers.

Other musicians who have pledged to become more environmentally sustainable during future tours include Jack Johnson, Adele and Pearl Jam.

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Coldplay won’t tour in order to reduce carbon emissions