New book focuses on climate progress in Indiana

September 12, 2022

Climate progress in Indiana is the topic of a new book that features 60 stories of Hoosier entrepreneurs reducing their carbon footprint, as well as other actionable information on the subject.

Daniel Poynter, author of “Carbon Neutral Indiana: A Practical Guide to Climate Optimism,” said he hopes the book will inspire, educate and activate its readers.

“In the past three years, I've had conversations with over 900 people. There are so many incredible stories people need to be aware of,” Poynter told Indiana Environmental Reporter. “Nobody believed it was possible to run a 4-minute mile, but Roger Bannister did it. Then so did 37 others because they knew it was possible. I hope the over 60 true stories about Hoosiers reducing emissions are equally inspiring.”

The book also includes 50 organizations, like local non-profits, that can help readers implement these solutions, as well as 20 relevant state laws.

Poynter, who is also the founder of Carbon Neutral Indiana, said the bigger purpose of the book is to shift the climate conversation toward one of solutions and innovation.

“There are the common solutions like solar, wind, electric vehicles and planting trees, but there are also more surprising solutions. Cities turning restaurant grease into energy. Schools rescuing food waste. Painting the roofs of buildings white. Creating tiny climate libraries. And on and on,” he said.

Each story includes a how-to guide so readers can implement the solution as well as costs, benefits and a step-by-step process to follow.

“The stories inspire people with a sense of possibility. The book is modeled on Project Drawdown, an educational framework of climate solutions. And the book is full of actionable information,” Poynter said.

The book is available to pre-order with shipping to begin in October.

New book focuses on climate progress in Indiana