Wisconsin pledges to go carbon-free by 2050

August 20, 2019

Wisconsin has become the first midwestern state to release a carbon-free plan, Earther reports.

On Friday, Governor Tony Evers signed an executive order requiring the state to use 100% carbon-free energy by 2050. Washington and California are among other states that have made this commitment.

“A transition to a clean energy economy will generate thousands of family-supporting jobs in Wisconsin,” said Evers in a statement. “Our state has a responsibility to current and future generations of Wisconsinites to act to prevent continuing damage to our climate and to invest in solutions that help to mitigate the changes that have already occurred.”

In order to reach the goal, Evers established the Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy, which will be responsible to researching, planning and implementing clean energy solutions.

Energy efficiency standards will also be put into place at state facilities in Wisconsin to help meet the goal.

Wisconsin pledges to go carbon-free by 2050