Survey from WFYI explores Indiana’s forestry management

September 10, 2019

A survey from WFYI, published August 31, found that Indiana approaches forestry in a similar manner to other industry professionals in North America.

The survey was prompted by questions about whether the Indiana Department of Natural Resources observes safe management practices in Indiana’s forests. Study authors Becca Costello and Rebecca Thiele surveyed 93 current or former forestry processionals in North American to source data for their research.

The survey included experts in a state or federal public department, private forest management and academia, among other areas. The article describing the survey’s findings breaks down the various elements of Indiana’s forestry industry to make them more easily digestible for Hoosiers.

The research found that the kind of management that's necessary depends on how that forest is used. Tourism, hiking, wildlife, hunting, fishing and timber are among the potential uses for an Indiana forest.

Of these uses, timber is one that is met with skepticism by those concerned about overharvesting in Indiana forests. The survey found that more than 75% of experts surveyed strongly agreed that timber harvest is a tool that can be used for healthy forest management.

The survey also addressed a myriad of other issues, including the diversity between forests, the risks of timber harvest, and the priorities of forest management

Learn more about the survey process and other findings here.

Survey from WFYI explores Indiana’s forestry management