Friends of Lake Monroe offering funding for soil and water conservation projects

February 28, 2023

Funding for soil and water conservation projects in the Lake Monroe Watershed is now available to landowners through a new voluntary cost-share program offered by Friends of Lake Monroe.

The purpose of the project is to reduce the amount of sediment, nutrients and fecal contamination reaching the lake by pursuing multiple projects across the watershed.

“Monroe County recognizes Lake Monroe as an invaluable resource for our community as a source of drinking water, recreation and wildlife habitat,” stormwater coordinator Kelsey Thetonia said in a media release. “Our stormwater program is committed to improving water quality in our county’s waterways, and we support the pollution reduction efforts in the Lake Monroe watershed made possible by this cost-share program.”

Example practices include planting cover crops after main crops are harvested, installing permanent vegetation along streams, fencing livestock out of streams, and installing heavy-use-area protection where livestock gather.

Most practices will be funded at 75% of the total cost, with the landowner paying 25%. Project funding comes from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Monroe County Stormwater Board and in-kind support from 10 partner organizations.

Interested landowners can learn more about the application process here, by calling 812-558-0217, or by contacting their Soil and Water Conservation District Office.

The initial application deadline is June 1.

Awarded funds will be issued on a reimbursement basis after the work is completed.

Friends of Lake Monroe offering funding for soil and water conservation projects