Report reveals which world leaders emit the most CO2 during travel

October 1, 2019

Data analyzed by travel site fromAtoB found that President Donald Trump created the second-largest carbon travel footprint of G20 leaders in 2018.

The site analyzed 259 international flights taken by 15 world leaders that attended this year’s G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan to rank the leaders by their travel footprint. Trump’s carbon footprint was topped only by Shinzō Abe, Prime Minister of Japan.

In addition to Japan and the United States, the countries analyzed included South Korea, China, France, Russia, India, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Australia, Mexico, Indonesia and Switzerland declined to provide travel information for the study and the King and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia did not travel internationally on state business during the period analyzed.

Of all 15 leaders analyzed, President Trump’s aircraft, a Boeing 747-200B, emitted the most carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer at 88 kilograms per kilometer. Japan, South Korea and China tied for second place, with their aircrafts emitting 70 kilograms per kilometer.

Combined, all 15 world leaders emitted 96,530.6 tons of carbon dioxide in 2018.

The study examined only state travel across national borders and did not consider internal flights.

Report reveals which world leaders emit the most CO2 during travel